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Z1000 domain name was registered around 1999, and was incorporated as z1000 Future Wave Technologies in 2002. Later it was transferred  to AX Capital Group, LLC incorporated in 2007. AX Capital not to be confused with AXE Capital the Showtime cable television  series called “Billions”, also about a Wall Street firm produced around 2009 coincidentally they would argue – however our office building was also location on 80  Wall Street in New York City before them in 2007, now the building has been converted into residential apartments. We’ve since moved online,.

Q & A

Is this z100 “the “zoo” hit music station, or iHeart radio one of Americas biggest media outlets? 
No we’re not affiliated with them we are aka Z1000 Media Foundation

Are non muslims allowed to visit this site?
Good question, I’d ask your priest, rabbi, or whatever other religion leader about it

Why is this website a muslim content and not any other religion?
Muslims have been the most discriminated against the past decade especially in the united states however, we’re may consider adding other religion to our website shortly

How many visitors has z1000 had, and how much profit has it made?
Countless and kept it as non-profit so far





building for fun of it –

– Alben


I have a question, or suggestion or I’d like to help – how can I contact you?
Email us;

alben xhidija

ax capital group llc, president - registered in 2007


Thank you letter from government of Switzerland, Signed Chief Fedpol